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If you encounter bugs, please post a comment or tweet @lion123dev while I still have some time before deadline.

Choose one of three different colored helicopters to fight with. Shoot lasers at the enemy team, but remember: your shots are effective only against another one color!

Here's a table for easier understanding:
Your colorYour shots are super effective against (10x damage):You are vulnerable to (10x damage against you):
The objective is to destroy the enemy team's core, which is also colored. However it will change its color from time to time.
Some tips:
  • You can change your color when you respawn, so remember which color was dominant in the enemy's team and choose your new one wisely;
  • Another tactic can be to keep rushing the enemy core with effective colors;
  • Don't forget about defense! If you see your core's health dropping very fast, save it by covering it with your body. Your lives are unlimited, the only penalty of death is respawn cooldown.

This game was made in 48 hours for the Game Creation Organization Online Jam Year 2 by @lion123dev alone. The theme was "Colorful Combat".

I missed a couple of Ludum Dares, so I decided to enter this one instead :D


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